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Wien Energie 
Student Innovation Challenge
  • Are you creative and future-oriented? Do you have loads of ideas for making Vienna an even better city to live in? Then take part in the Student Innovation Challenge organised by Wien Energie.
  • Work alongside Wien Energie on smart city solutions and join us in shaping the city of the future.

Register with your idea and co-develop this with us to create a business model and secure a project budget of up to EUR 30,000.





InnoEnergy provides access to a research and industry network spanning the whole of Europe. You´ll work with InnoEnergy experts during the individual coaching phase. The winning team will receive business creation training from InnoEnergy experts.


Ready to learn

Take the chance to work with leading mentors and experts.

Join our team

Your team will be supported by experts from Wien Energie and our innovation network.

EUR 30,000

Project budget

You will receive seed capital to further develop your project.


Ready to create

During the final, the jury will select the best team to launch their project with seed capital.


Really Smart!

Your creativity and flexibility, combined with our expertise and experience, to create smart city solutions.


Ready to practice

A virtual kick-off as well as digital coaching and input sessions

Clearly structured

co-working processes

Learn methods and skills in different workshop formats to further develop your startup or your idea.


Smarter than the rest of the city? Prove it!

During the course of the Student Innovation Challenge, we will support you to further develop your innovative ideas into future-oriented solutions. Why? Because Vienna aims to remain the best city in the world. Your creativity and innovative spirit, combined with our experience, are the keys to this future.

We are looking for future-oriented ideas and solutions in the following areas for our smart city:

15. February
Registration deadline

Vienna, Austria

Work on smart city solutions alongside Wien Energie

End of June 2021

✔︎ Bespoke project implementation
✔︎ Mentoring from Wien Energie experts
✔︎ Access to the Europe-wide InnoEnergy network




Grasp the opportunity and apply by 15 February 2021

Assessment meetings

15 – 23 March 2021: 1-2-1 video calls with applicants

Virtual kick-off event

15 April 2021 Team pitches and get-to-know event for teams

Team-specific coaching and input sessions

May / June 2021: Getting things done


24 June 2021: Show the Board of Innovation what you aim to achieve!

Project implementation (proof-of-concept phase)

Early July: The winning team enters the implementation phase

Impressions 2020


“The Student Innovation Challenge helped us connect with the right partners within Wien Energie and to more clearly identify assumptions and challenges. The Student Innovation Challenge and the subsequent collaboration with Wien Energie had a sustainable impact on our offering and helped us enter the market with lots of important experience and make a confident impression. I can firmly recommend every startup to involve in the Student Innovation Challenge”

Co-founder of Campfire Solutions

“I clearly do recommend the Challenge. It doesn’t matter what stage your project is at, there is always something that your project or you yourself can be benefit from at any time. Apart from that we had support from experts at all time.”

Co-founder of Floorible

“As the final team in the Wien Energie Student Innovation Challenge, we have been able to further develop the aeroSQAIR project and have received lots of invaluable support. For example, we were able to directly test our concept and potential use cases with established companies, to adapt the concept accordingly and to increase market acceptance as a result. The many years of experience, considerable expertise and large network offered by Wien Energie ultimately brought us a long way toward the first pilot project.”

Co-founder of aeroSQAIR


You can register your team by simply completing the online registration form. This is available in German or English. On the form, just answer some questions about your idea or concept, your team, and standard questions about yourself. Optionally, you can also upload a short video in which you tell us more about yourselves. The deadline for applications is 15 February 2021.

You can submit your idea or concept as a team using the online application form. Your team should consist of between 2 and 5 members.

Yes. All team members must be at least 18 years old.

Your application should contain as much information as necessary for third parties to be able to assess your idea, your qualifications and your motivation.

On the basis of this information, we will decide whether you are selected for an assessment call to determine if you can take part in the Student Innovation Challenge.

Between 15 and 23 March 2021, we will invite you to take part in video calls to find out more about you and your ideas.

After all the assessment calls, we will select the final teams for the Student Innovation Challenge.

The virtual kick-off event will take place on 15 April 2021 and will last for around 3 hours. Initially, we will discuss all of the details related to the procedure for the Student Innovation Challenge.

Then there will be 3-minute pitches from all of the teams so that you can also find out about the other project concepts. During a short workshop, we will give you some early inputs on validating your idea and concepts.

Between the middle of April and the end of June, we will work alongside you to develop a solution concept (prototype, customer validation, business model, target market, competition, funding requirements, etc.).

We will hold regular update calls with all the teams to keep things on track. The appointments for the coaching and input sessions will be scheduled with each team individually.

All of these appointments will initially be planned online. The aim here is also to provide you with optimal support and as much flexibility as possible.

The final offers you the opportunity to present your solution concept to selected Wien Energie experts and to receive a project budget of up to EUR 30,000.

The final will take place at the end of June 2021 and, depending on the circumstances, will either take place as a live event or online.

We will inform you about this in good time. If you are travelling to Vienna from another Austrian province or EU country, Wien Energie will cover your travel and accommodation costs.

After the final, the Wien Energie team will negotiate a special agreement with you on the implementation of your project.

If you travel to Vienna for the Student Innovation Challenge from another Austrian province or from another EU country, we will cover the costs of your rail travel or flights and accommodation. Please send an email to: innovation@wienenergie.at.

No. Since teams from all over Europe will be applying, the assessment calls, the kick-off event and the final will all take place in English. During the individual coaching and input sessions, you can clarify with your mentors and experts whether these are in German or English.




Katharina Muskat
Corporate Development

Any Smart Ideas?Get Started TODAY!

Register with your idea and co-develop it with us to create a new business model and secure project funding. Send us a brief description and the motivation behind your idea.

Vision & Mission

How did you get the idea? What benefits does it deliver? What impact will this idea have on society and the future of Vienna?


Registration deadline:

15 February

Smarter than the rest of the city?

Are you a team of up to 5 people with an idea or a solution related to one of the areas mentioned above?